50 Shades of Blue

50 Shades of Blue: What sustains ME when the going gets tough!

In a recent post, I shared my experience of asking leaders what they do to sustain themselves when the going gets tough. The leaders’ responses fell into two categories: connecting to self and connecting to others. In our last post Linda shared a resource on positive renewal, and shared how being in nature helps sustain her.

In this post I am sharing “What sustains me when the going gets tough.”

Banana Bay, Bahamas
Banana Bay, Bahamas

 I love this picture Linda took of me    standing in the Caribbean with my arms outstretched. I affectionately call it “Fifty Shades of Blue”. Blue is my favorite colour and symbolizes calmness, serenity and peace.  Swimming in the warm ocean is like a giant Epsom salt bath and is the balm that soothes my body,mind and soul. This picture is a touchstone for me right now, to remind me to stay in an expanded state of awareness, moment to moment, as I navigate daily challenges, including a close family member’s illness.

I know I am in an expanded state of awareness when I make “above the line choices and actions.” By that I mean, I am showing up in life and leadership, from a place of personal responsibility and choose love, hope, peace and faith.  For example, I wonder how I can best support my family member’s health and wellbeing?  My answer is extending love, and taking supportive, generous and nurturing actions. 

I find I can easily access this expanded state of awareness through my yoga practice, morning meditation and reflections and walking along the Bow River.

The challenge is staying in this expanded state of awareness moment to moment, throughout the day. My touchstone picture helps; staying in the present moment helps; taking deep breaths helps; gazing at the Bow River from my bedroom balcony helps; being with loved ones helps; and taking radical self care helps.

Rumi, the mystic poet, states “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour”.  I choose to show up in life and make choices and take actions from this belief! 

We would love to hear from you too, “What sustains you when the going gets tough?