Circles of Brilliance: Celebrating Women

Shelley Keyes - SK Transitions
Shelley Keyes – SK Transitions

Earlier this month graphic facilitator Shelley Keyes led our Leadership Team through a creative and practical planning process. One of Shelley’s gifts is to depict visually – sketch on large pieces of paper – key points about what we are working on, our reflections of the past, who we want serve, how we might get stuck, where we want to go. And as a visual person, I appreciated how this approach helped me access, and commit to, both the possible and the practical. One piece of this work really made my heart sing and that was when we talked about how we – WILL – have supported and co-created with other women. As we generated the names of women in the WILL circle – our daughters, young vibrant colleagues, our WILL Team members, the many women we’ve had discussions with, or presented to – I felt such joy and hope. And that’s when we came up with the name Circles of Brilliance for the women we are supporting and celebrating. In this blog we are shining the light on Shelley, who of course helps others shine. I mentioned ‘what’ Shelley does, and a bit about ‘how’, the graphic part; but important parts of Shelley’s brilliance are her joy in doing this work, her ability to focus, her artistic skills and how much she cares about supporting others. This is a woman to celebrate. Find out more about Shelley at

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Hilary Rodham Clinton: “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

Linda McCann – August 26, 2014