ABC: Abundance, Beauty and Community!

August blogThis exquisite summer morning, as I lingered over my morning coffee, sitting on my deck, I was deeply moved at the exquisite beauty of my pansy pot! My pansy pot completely covers my table!

I have always loved pansies ever since I was a little girl, a love passed on by my Grammy. As a little girl together, she and I would look at our pansies as if each pansy was a little face.

Today, I am in awe and am deeply moved, as I see my pansy pot, in all its lushness and glory, representing beauty, abundance and community. My pansies have it right! Each of us, as Women in Leadership for Life, are a unique expression of fully expressed beauty as we actualize our potentials. We are in a rich and potent relational field connected to one another. In community we all can thrive, bloom and blossom. We need strong roots, tender loving care for ourselves and each other, nutrients, water and sunshine to grow!

As I was writing this blog an email from the Chopra Centre crossed my screen with the link to a webinar on Creating Abundance That Lasts. I paused and reflected on what abundance means. Certainly my pansy pot reflects abundance! I experience abundance in the broadest, deepest, widest sense as creating the abundant life of my dreams and living an abundant life. For me this includes being fully expressed personally and professionally, loving relationships, life long learning and personal wellbeing in all ways.

Here is the 60 min webinar with Martha Beck from the Chopra Center,

Creating Abundance That Lasts

Ahhhhh to savoring summer and the natural flow of life, and feeling very grateful for the beauty of full expression, abundance and community!

Lillas Hatala – August 14, 2014

Photo: by Lillas Hatala