I work with people who recognize it is time to strengthen their leadership or team capacity – perhaps a general check-up or development of specific competencies. Over the past 35 years, I have consulted with thousands of leaders across Canada. I value keeping up to date on the latest in research and content in the area of leadership, and in methods to help people grow and transform. This is really not ‘work’ for me – it is energizing!

How it all started

It’s 1978, and I had just moved to this university city, as a young single mom, to take up studies in… well, I am not sure what, yet. As I walked from our student residence to the campus, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I love learning. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for summer holidays to be over and school to begin, although I often wouldn’t admit such an unpopular wish. I would beg my mom to let me go to every vacation Bible school our small town had to offer. And this continues; I am a life-long learner.

It may be no surprise then, that I have spent much of my career finding ways to help others learn, grow, and transform. Whether coaching a leader or facilitating a leadership or team development retreat, I am in my element when I can help create an environment of trust and respect, where deep conversation and discovery and “stretching” can take place. When I am in a room, guiding a group, attending to each individual, to interpersonal and team dynamics and to our goals and agenda, as I have done with thousands of people across the country, I know I am living my calling.

And I know we all want to grow. It is natural.

My professional life

I have worked across Canada as a personal, leadership and organization development consultant for over 30 years. I help my clients – individuals, teams, organizations — increase their capacity to lead, live, work, and relate to others authentically and effectively. When I am spending time with my clients – individually or as a system – they tell me they value my ability to create an environment of trust and respect where deep exploration, discovery, and conversation can take place.

I have held several senior leadership positions. One of the most exciting and challenging was that of Director of Organization and Employee Development at the University of Saskatchewan, were I took the lead in “visioning” and implementing an innovative and leading-edge organization and employee development team, conducting a campus-wide learning needs assessment, and developing leadership programs for people across the organization. I also know the reality of start-ups of human resources departments. I was the recipient of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Leadership in the Workplace.

In addition to holding a graduate degree in psychology, I am a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor, certified for Benchmarks with the Centre for Creative Leadership, for EQ-i with MHS, a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, and I have extensive experience using the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 tool. I am a member of the International Leadership Association.

To nourish my hunger for learning and for being on top of research and theory in my areas of interest, I have participated in and taught in the areas of compassionate communication through the Centre for Non Violent Communication, coaching with Destination Coach and Empathic Coaching Live, and Adaptive Leadership through the work of Ronald Heifetz.

My personal life

I want to live fully and wholly in all areas of my life, and have pursued interests that complement my consulting practice. I served as a yoga teacher for 10 years and studied yoga and mediation with a variety of teachers and in wonderful locations, such as India, California, and Paradise Island Bahamas. I have a love for beauty, and for using a camera to capture the gifts of nature. Some of my most fulfilling times are spent on adventures with my spouse Steve and our blended family of five children and eight absolutely amazing grandkids — the leaders of tomorrow. I took a real deep dive when I completed my scuba diving certificate!