Connecting to my younger self

Across the top of the blackboard, in my grade two class, was the alphabet, in flowing cursive letters.

I couldn’t wait to practice writing.  In grade one we learned to print, upper and lower, in pencil. But this, this exquisite handwriting, was so beautiful.  Yes, it was art. And eventually we got to use a pen, you know, the fountain kind.

I would eagerly await the writing classes, practicing these letters using a template, and then eventually stringing the letters together.  

I didn’t know until a few years ago that stringing these letters together was referred to as cursive writing. And I was surprised, maybe shocked, when my then, twenty-some grandson Sam, said he couldn’t read my writing.  

Good questions. I got to thinking about my grade two appreciation of this beautiful writing, after a friend mentioned a question her and her table mates had been asked to talk about, at a recent conference.  The question was framed like this: think about your 8-year-old self, bring that person to mind, and what do you appreciate about them?

I like how this question reminds us of our gifts, values or something that brought us joy. And this reminder can be the spark for a new or renewed hobby.  So I guess it is not a surprise that I have recently taken a couple calligraphy classes. It is taking me back to that grade two girl who loved art, beauty and learning.  And I have been into having fun and this was and is so fun, and I suspect good for my brain!   

I love times when we share questions like this and the conversations that follow. I’d enjoy hearing what this brings up for you.

Here’s one place the this question took me. As I often do, I shared my thinking about this post with my granddaughter Meghan. One thing she said, was that this reminded her of the idea of putting a picture of ourself as a child on our mirror! Then, every time you think of something negative about yourself,  imagine saying that to your childhood self. She added, you’ll stop, feel protective of that little girl and stop the negative self talk and see how beautiful that little girl was – remembering what made her light up! Magnifying that appreciation.

My eight year old self.

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