Do you crap out on your intentions?

Candace LaingOne of our great joys of Women in Leadership for Life is inviting women from our WILL Community to join our team as guest facilitators. In this blog we are delighted to celebrate and show case our dear friend and colleague, Candace Laing.

Candace will be facilitating at our upcoming retreats on the topic of Courageous Consciousness: Aligning Behavior with Intention. We (Linda and Lillas) recently had an intriguing and refreshing conversation with her about intention setting and aligning behavior with intention. All three of us really believe in the transformational power of setting intentions as the start of creation. However we recognize that we set clear intentions and then often find ourselves doing things and behaving in ways that misalign with what we really want. Why does this happen? How can we avoid “crapping out” on our intentions? And how many times have we felt guilty for letting ourselves down? Or asked ourselves who is running the show here?

There are good answers to these questions! Candace will help us explore our neuroanatomy and with a better understanding of how our mind can both help and hinder us, we will become better equipped to step up and out into leadership and our life intentions.

Candace, B Comm, MA (Leadership), CHRP, is most well known as a skilled resource in the development of strategic business initiatives including leadership development, high performance cultures and strategic workforce planning. She is highly personable, results oriented, a clear communicator, and always energized by challenge. She is currently the Manager of Organizational Development for PotashCorp and is married with two small boys.

Watch for more details about an upcoming Intention Setting Workshop, with Candace as our Guest Facilitator, on our website

Lillas Hatala –  October 4 2014