Create an “Intention Board”

intention board

This is my  “Intention Board” and it serves as a visual reminder of my intentions for 2014.  My “Intention Board” allows me to awaken and in-still in my consciousness the feeling of rest, ease, love and joy that I desire to infuse my life, love and leadership. The images and words  I have chosen for my “Intention Board” help awaken in me both radical self-care and radical couple care that I feel are essential for healthy intimate relationships. And I love this snapshot of me on my 59th Birthday, for it captures a moment of delight, rest, ease, joy while celebrating with loved ones.  My “Intention Board” is posted in my home office so that I am reminded of my 2014 intentions whenever I walk into it, and when   I look up from my computer!  And when I see it, it always puts a smile in my heart and on my face, for it reminds me that this is who I need to be to co-create the life of my dreams and live that life, moment to moment. 

I hope you are inspired to create an “Intention Board” of your own and post here! Have fun and enjoy the process of creation as much as the results!

Lillas Hatala – February 20, 2014