Creating Community & Celebrating Women


One of the most fulfilling things we’ve done since launching Women in Leadership for Life, has been to invite women to join our team as guest facilitators. We desire to inspire women to be at their best and to co-create a generative and supportive community. 

DarlaWe look forward to Darla Tenold joining us as guest facilitator at our upcoming Radical Self Care – One Day Retreat in Saskatoon on June 14. Darla will be guiding us through practices on Self Connection & Self Compassion, which is also one the Seven Transformational “Essencials” we use to support our work in Radical Self Care.

Darla’s interest in this topic arises from the potential she sees in mindfulness and Compassionate Communication* practices as powerful ways to restore peace, both inner and with other people.   A lawyer and mediator, she recently launched a business aimed at focusing her law practice exclusively on helping people collaborate to find solutions that work for everyone involved, while preserving and improving existing relationships.  Check out her site:

karaKara Exner joined us as guest facilitator at our recent Radical Self Care One Day Retreat in Calgary. She led the group through a thought provoking activity aimed at a process helping women to gain an instant awareness of how positively they are looking at their goals.

As friends and colleagues of Kara, we appreciate her diligence and enthusiasm for learning and leadership. Kara is a professional certified coach, specializing in leadership coaching and leadership development training and holds a particular interest in positive psychology and its application to her work. She describes herself as radical self-care newbie, still learning… but trying to embrace both the small wins and the frustrating setbacks as learning experiences.  Find out more about Kara at

Note: Our last Radical Self Care One Day Retreats of the year, is June 14 in Saskatoon. You can still join us in Saskatoon, for more information check here:


*Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication, and was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD.  You can find out more about Compassionate Communication check: