Do you have treasures hidden within you?

“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”  Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

Starfish in the light...
Starfish in the light…

Even though the most frequent feedback I received as a child was that I was talented at art, at writing, performing…when it came to career, I didn’t take this feedback or these ‘gifts’ seriously. Other important interests, like helping others, took precedence. And to be clear: I have loved my career as a consultant, facilitator, and leader in human resources and organization development. My interest in helping others flourish runs deep.

I am finding though, that my interests and strengths in the literary, visual and performing arts want to be fanned into a fiery flame and to get out there in more visible ways. The part of me that so loves beauty, wants to be seen and valued. So Liz Gilbert’s recent book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is resonating with me. Her authentic voice provides a delightful and inspiring read and I particularly appreciate how she encourages us to get over or work through our fears, especially our fears related to the creative and artistic processes.

She suggests that creativity is essential for the soul, and that fits for me, because I feel this deep longing to dig deep into these creative endeavours. At times that ridiculous ‘fear voice’ surfaces and says ‘there’s too much too learn’ or ‘I am too tired to add something new’ or ‘it’s getting a bit late in life to do this.’   And then the ten year old girl who spent hours drawing, the teen who loved performing (often without audiences), the young mom who enjoyed (and earned some money!) taking photos, the person who was happiest in a book store or art gallery jumps up and says, ‘What about me?’. So here I am, on this site, writing blogs and sharing photos!

In the Magic Lessons Podcast companion to Gilbert’s book, she coaches several women who are stuck, and not moving forward creatively.  The series culminates in an electrifying conversation with Brene Brown. Between them, they have encouraged more people, especially women, to take risks, to be prepared to fail, to be vulnerable, to honour their creativity.

What about you? Do you have hidden treasures?

Write down what you see as your hidden treasures.   Was there something that blocked it, and does this still apply? And, what now?

And as always, we would love to hear from you….