Expand Your Leadership Practice Toolkit: Manage Your Energy

Are you interested in expanding your personal leadership toolkit by developing practices that will help you manage your energy and sustain you when the going gets tough? Here’s some of what we have for you:

Radical Self Care Workshop Guest Speaker:

One of the great joys of Women in Leadership for Life (WILL) is inviting women from our WILL Community to join our team as guest facilitators and speakers. We are delighted that Dr. Alana Barmby, N.D.will be our guest speaker at our Radical Self Care Workshop, October 24, in Saskatoon.

Alana will be sharing on the topic of ‘Food & Mood’. Many of us know our mood impacts what and how much we eat.  But did you know that what you eat also influences your mood and how you feel?  Alana will give tips on how to maximize our potential and how to improve how we feel physically and emotionally by making some easy adjustments on what and how we eat.

About Alana

barmby2-987x1024Alana became the first licensed naturopathic doctor to practice in Saskatoon. She is passionate about learning and considers herself a bit of a geek in keeping up on the latest in research and innovations in naturopathic and integrative medicine. Alana has an affinity to the mystery solving aspect of medicine. She considers your health concerns to be her personal challenge, to seek and understand what your body’s many symptoms are trying to communicate. In this endless pursuit of knowledge, she has also studied Mind/Body medicine at Harvard Medical School, as well as Environmental Medicine with the renowned expert, Dr. Walter Crimmon.  Find out more about Alana at Sask Wellness.

Have you checked out our free E Book 13 Practices for Brilliant Women

The ebook is a compilation of  practices that have been helpful for us and for the thousands of people we have worked with over the past few decades in transforming intentions into action.  Some practices are practical, some emergent, some involve inner work, and others outer work.  Our greatest hope is that it supports you in realizing your intentions to live a fully expressed life and your personal leadership best.

Need More Sleep?

We know so many women who are sleep deprived. Is this you – you can’t  get to sleep, your wake up worrying, perhaps lay awake for hours? Check out an interview we had with Dr. Angelina Baydala on the topic of the history and psychology of sleeping well.  Find this and other information on our Resources page.

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