Giving Yourself Meaningful Feedback: What makes your heart sing?

I love the question, ‘what makes your heart sing’ and enjoy using it as a reflection prompt when I am journaling or as part of an opening round when I am facilitating a retreat.

When I respond to this question, I am reminded of what is important to me, of what gives me life.  What better feedback to myself than that?

When I am using this question, I take note of at least three things that make my heart sing.  So here is what I noted today:

stocksnap ales krivec tulips1.  Face time with my granddaughter Meghan, hearing her stories and seeing her enthusiasm.

2. Seeing tulips in spring, all the colours.

3. Walking through the vegetable stalls at the food store, seeing all the fresh veggies.

Once I have made my list, I ask myself why each of these things makes my heart sing, how they enrich my life or meet my needs.  So for today, I note that I love connecting with my granddaughter, celebrating her adventures, her openness and passion.  Tulips in spring remind me of the joy that nature and beauty give me.  And walking through the veggie stalls connects me to how fortunate I am to have such nourishing foods available to me.

And those words that I have noted – adventure, connection, passion, beauty, and nourishment are some of my deepest values.  I want to celebrate experiencing all of these, as much as is possible.  What better feedback than that?

Try it now…Make a list of what makes your heart sing today:

And then take note for each of them, the values or needs each of them speak to:

If you wish to go deeper, ask yourself if you are choosing actions to meet these needs in day to day life.

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Linda McCann   April 28, 2016

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