Do integrity leaks stop you from realizing your intentions?

One of our great joys of Women in Leadership for Life (WILL) is inviting women from our WILL Community to join our team as guest facilitators. For our upcoming “Intention Setting Workshop” in Saskatoon, January 31, we have Candace Laing as our guest facilitator on the topic of Courageous Consciousness: aligning behavior with intention. Please read the October blog “Do you crap out on your intentions?” and learn more about Candace.

In this blog, we are delighted to celebrate our dear friend and colleague, Colleen Shepherd.

Colleen Shepherd
Colleen Shepherd

Colleen will be facilitating at our upcoming “Intention Setting Workshop” in Calgary, Feb 7, on the topic of Integrity: aligning behavior with intention. I (Lillas) recently had an inspiring and intriguing conversation with her about setting intentions from the soul, and aligning behavior with our deeper truths – our soul’s yearnings and heart’s desires. Colleen has a great tool, an Integrity Checklist, to share with us. This Checklist helps us to deal with what she calls “ integrity leaks ”. Many integrity leaks have to do with lack of conscious completion such as; not keeping our word to ourselves and others; living with clutter; having unfinished business with others or in aspects of our life and work.

Colleen is the Executive Director of the Calgary Regional Partnership Incorporated (CRP) Over the past 10 years Colleen has occupied a number of key leadership roles, including leading the development of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP). The CMP guides growth associated with the forecasted 2 million new residents expected to come to the region in the next 50 years. Colleen works closely with a board of 12 Municipal Mayors and Council Members from across the region and collaborates with a wide range of business and community stakeholders.

Colleen is deeply committed to the advancement of an empowered and fully expressed model of feminine leadership. She describes the purpose and the passion behind her life’s work as “creating space, for people to come together in the flow of creative possibility, for a collective higher purpose”.

We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming Intention Setting Workshops , with Candace Laing as our Guest Facilitator in Saskatoon, January 31 and Colleen Shepherd in Calgary, February 7.

Lillas Hatala – January 19