Looking to 2022

For many years, Lillas and I started the year by gathering with others to connect to life intentions and set inspiring intentions for the coming year.  This is just one of many powerful tools we have used over the years to focus inner work and remind ourselves of what is important to attend to in the year ahead.  

My friend Debra Stobbe recently shared the process she is using this year, and I am happy to offer this to you as an option for your reflections.  It appeals to me. 

Debra’s 22 in 2022

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I humbly sit down, pull out a purple binder and flip through many years of reflections, hopes and dreams.  It started with an educational goal setting workshop I attended in 1989 with Linda McCann.  Over the years my process has included guidance from The Four Desires by Rod Stryker and then I found Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.  This year Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project inspired me with her practice. Last year she wrote 21 goals for 2021 and this year it will be 22 goals for 2022.  

Pen and paper in hand I reflected on the past year, rereading my 2021 goals, and then started to ponder the future.  I pulled ideas from house projects, health desires, educational and creative pursuits and a few fun endeavors.  Oops, my list stalled at 16.  I walked away, giving it time to percolate.  One of my ‘thinking’ strategies.  Three days later the missing six gems appeared, along with my word for the year: CHOICE.  The new list is printed off and hanging by my desk as a gentle reminder of what I am choosing to focus on.  

May 2022 offer you choices to explore, be creative, grow and smile, Warmly Debra

More ideas:

An important reminder posted by my remarkable sister-in-law Betty today! Yes, set sweet intentions and take each day as it comes.