Radical Hope

My biggest  personal leadership challenge of my life was my cancer diagnosis in March 2019 and then a devastating reoccurrence in March of 2020. I dropped everything to devote 100% to my health by embodying and consciously practicing a multi factor healing protocol.  I have taken my own radical self care to the extreme!

Foundational, to my healing protocol is Dr Kelly Turner’s research and book Radical Remission and now her most recent book Radical Hope: 10 key healing factors from exceptional survivors of cancer and other diseases.( 2020)Both books are  scientifically based  with the intention to help transform lives by reversing and preventing multiple diseases. Dr Turner’s 10 healing factors are not only for those facing serious health challenges, but for everyone who want to live fully expressed  as the healthy and whole leaders of their  lives. 

Here are Dr Turner’s 10 Radical Hope  healing factors,  that are the foundation of my  personal healing protocol: 

  • Exercise 
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Empowering Yourself
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Following your intuition
  • Releasing suppressed emotions 
  • Changing your diet 
  • Herbs and Supplements
  • Having a strong reason for living
  • Increasing social support

My  time of healing over the last 21 months is giving me the opportunity to deeply reflect and make positive life-giving choices moment by moment.  Life  is precious, fragile,  and  a wondrous mystical gift of being.  Being healthy and whole motivates me every day. I wake up with a smile, grateful  to be alive , loving life, and asking myself ” What will I do with this one precious day?”  

  I am leaning into my new found purpose of being a healing presence for myself and others.  Interestingly,  opportunities are effortlessly and  organically showing up for me,  so I can continue to contribute to personal leadership for life and the  personal development component of leadership. I take a stand for whole people becoming whole leaders of their lives, families, teams, organizations and communities. 

If you are interested in more details of  my healing journey, check out related WILL blogs and my  7-minute video story “Living in the Mystery

I am living and leading my story, as  I am at  the threshold of  the next chapter.  I have hope for LIFE! 

All the very best of your leadership for LIFE journey! 

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