Radical Self Care and Celebrating Our Lights Shining

Lillas-&-LindaHere we are, Lillas and Linda, in the Bahamas in early April, experiencing Radical Self Care.

Our Radical Self Care included walks on the beach, swims in the “50 shades of turquoise” ocean, preparing fun and nutritious food, and very restful sleeps with soft, gentle tropical breezes caressing our faces. 

And while we were there, in the very wee hours of April 15, we witnessed the stunning ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse! Filled with imagery, this mesmerizing lunar eclipse drew us to consider the symbolism of the feminine of the moon and the ‘life’ of the blood red eclipse. As we watched this truly beautiful sight and bathed in its light, we felt it was beckoning us, and all women, to let our feminine light shine brightly.

Those very early morning reflections are so aligned with our intentions for Women in Leadership for Life (WILL) and in particular for our wish to grow our community of brilliant and talented Women in Leadership for Life, to honour, celebrate and support their strengths, talents, lights and offerings to the world.

Ahhh, to Radical Self Care and Celebrating Our Lights Shining

Lillas and Linda – May 5, 2014