Reader’s Reads

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We asked some members of our WILL community to recommend favourite reads for leadership and/or for fun. Here’s the first post of that series.

Shannon Floer (see bio below) says…I find I’m re-reading books I’ve had for a while by authors that may have been ahead of their time in their thinking. Here are Shannon’s offerings:

Call to Action book:“How can we become people we respect, people who are generous, loving, curious, open, energetic?” is a question Margaret Wheatley asks in her book Turning to One Another: Simple conversations to restore hope to the future ( p. 21, 2009, expanded second edition). In section three, of the book, she provides 12 conversation starters. It’s a hopeful book and great for the summer while we’re out and about chatting with people on the patio, at the lake, and around a campfire.

Skills book: A Whole New Mind (2005) by Dan Pink. He introduces readers to the “six senses”: design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning.  All are adaptive ways to respond to complexity. Some leaders tend to think in these ways naturally and other’s will find this a stretch in their skills.

Inner-Work book: The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle (2004).  A leader’s booklist wouldn’t be complete without one for self-development. This one is deep and can be read in small doses with lots of reflection in between. The follow up book A New Earth (2005) can be experienced through a podcast (2019) hosted by Oprah Winfrey as she reflects on the book with the author. 

Shannon Floer, MSc is a leadership and skills development consultant in Saskatoon and has been operating Fahey Floer Consulting Group in Saskatoon for the past 10 years. She is a long-time volunteer facilitator with Leadership Saskatoon and has a passion for supporting leaders to discover their talents so they can use them to strengthen their personal leadership, workplace and community.

Watch for more recommendations in the upcoming weeks. We’d love to hear from you too. Contact us at with your favourite reads.

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