Reading, writing and ah..listening…

What a joy it has been to connect to women in our community through the lens of reading and writing. All kinds of reads. Many ways of reading. Podcasts and blogs about reading. Podcasts about writers. Maybe you’ll find your next read or listen here!

Thanks Lesley Sterling for sending us some of your favourite reads, including the audio kind, while being a busy wife and mom, entrepreneur, life long learner and so much more. Here’s from Lesley:

I  am a fan of Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, and his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, where he interviews business and lifestyle gurus from Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington to Dr. Andrew Weil and Michael Pollan. I am currently making my way through his newest books,  Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors, which contain hundreds of short interviews with leaders across the spectrum of business, politics, sports, medicine, academia and everything in between. Tim is an incredibly detailed documenter of life—what works, what doesn’t, what to repeat and why—and shares the secrets of the world’s best to help himself and his readers excel.

On the fiction side, I love James Rollins’ work. His latest thriller, Crucible, combines cutting-edge science and history to delve into the secrets of the human mind. In a similar vein, Origin by Dan Brown is a great read, exploring God, science, artificial intelligence and the future of humanity!

Lesley Sterling, B.Sc., B.A.C., is a busy wife and mom of four and the General Manager of Northwest Community Futures Development Corporation in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, where she provides loans, advice and support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She believes in strengths-based leadership, community involvement, and the power of developing deeper human connections, and often gets lost down the rabbit hole of the Internet learning as much as she can about anything and everything!

Monica’s Every Book and Cranny Site

I am excited that my niece Monica Goreham has launched the Every Book and Cranny site, where she shares her passion for books and reading along with thoughts and musings related to reading. I certainly resonate with her words: Reading is in my blood. Books have the ability to transport you to a different world, to show you things and places you have never dreamed of and helps to give you a deeper understanding of the world and what it can offer. I hope that through this blog, you are able to see the beauty in books and reading like I do every day. Like Lesley Sterling, Monica is a Rollins fan, so Rollins is what I am checking out of the library next!

Friend and colleague Darla Tenold, is currently dedicating her time to writing, writing, writing. She has also contributed to our workshops as a guest facilitator. Darla shared a review of Richard Wagamese’s Medicine Walk, a moving story of sixteen-year-old Frank Starlight, his biological father, Eldon, and ‘the old man’, as Frank calls him, the non-Indigenous man who raised him. Check out the full review below.

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Jess Watters on Pixabay

I am hooked on podcasts! My ears are so used to earbuds that I sometimes forget they are in my ears…just ask my spouse Steve! Some of what I am listening to when it comes to reading and writing:

Anne Bogel’s podcast What Should I Read Next is a delight to listen to. Her passion for reading, her recall of book titles, content and authors, and her ability to suggest reads for all kinds of guests is inspiring.

Kendra and Autumn discovered they enjoyed feminist literature and started recording their chats on the Reading Women Podcast. They interview authors, put together book lists, and typically have a theme for the month. September featured Indigenous Women authors.

For thoughtful interviews with writers I go to CBC Writers and Company with Eleanor Wachtel and Beautiful Writers Podcast with Linda Siversten.

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