Conference Session Facilitation

Are you looking for facilitators who are knowledgeable about leading edge research and best practices on the topic of women and leadership, and who have experience designing interactive and engaging conference sessions?

Some of the themes that Linda and Lillas have facilitated in breakout sessions at recent conferences include:

  • Empowering Women Leaders
  • Flourish: Being a Leader and Modeling Wellbeing
  • Three Tried and True Leadership Development Tools
  • Thought Leader Exchange on Women’s Leadership Development
  • Open space and world café technology sessions

As conference facilitators, Linda and Lillas inspire participants to learn, change, and lead. Individually or together, Lillas and Linda are able to weave conference themes and learning that identify and call for new actions going forward. Their sessions are always practical with take away tools and further resources.

Contact us to explore your conference program needs.

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