Set, Declare and Share Your Intention


Start right now by setting, declaring and sharing a powerful intention for your Radical Self Care for 2014….

  • The power behind your intention is your ferocious commitment to yourself, knowing that your Radical Self Care deeply matters to your personal leadership and flourishing.
  • Declaring and sharing your intention sets in motion a radical transformation in our bodies and in our minds.
  •  The momentum of positive change grows as you learn to choose actions that align with your intention.
  • Nourish your intention by reminding yourself of your intention throughout the day, and by spending time with others who support your intention.

Here is my Intention   for my Radical Self Care and Life in   2014

Intention…..Attention…..No Tension for 2014 

 As I transitioned from 2013 to 2014, I took some time to reflect and journal on

letting go of that which does not serve; acknowledgingwhat is to be celebrated in myself and my life”; and to identify what I wanted to bring into the new year including my radical self care. I sat deeply with the question “What are my soul needs and yearnings for 2014 ? ” What bubbled up was rest, ease, love and joy. And I wondered, what if I invited   more rest, ease, love and joy to my life, my important relationships, my professional expression,  my leadership?  This became   my living intention for 2014.

In the process, I am learning to let go of an old habit of mind  , worry ;  I acknowledge I am  a woman of incredible worth and wisdom, and just my beingness is more than enough; and my intention for 2014 is  to  live, love , lead from my beingness of  resting in my inherent wholeness, with ease,  love and joy. Let this consciousness/beingness   be the source of my life , love and leadership. So it is, and so it shall be.

I am curious and interested to know  What are you letting go of  ?  What are you acknowledging or celebrating in yourself   ? What is your intention for your Radical Self Care and Life in 2014 ?

Lillas Hatala – January 26,2014

About the photo: Sky Bridge, Outlook, SK by Linda McCann