The Power of Intentions

I remember the day, in an Intention Setting Workshop, that Kara Exner shared her intention to publish a book. She was in the process of conducting research interviews with change makers, people devoted to making a positive difference, and she had a clear vision of herself opening a box of books on change makers.

Kara’s books arrive!

So how exciting it was recently to see Kara on her virtual platform, opening a box of books, and then to receive a copy of her book – Be the Change(maker): Lessons from those who are & a catalyst for those who will – and to joyfully celebrate her.  

Kara’s accomplishment has me thinking about the power of intentions, visions, and taking steps to get there.  Setting intentions has been part of my practice for many years and it can take many forms.  Recently, I had an intention to enjoy facilitating virtually.  This was a stretch for me – a big one!  Lillas had the intention a while back to have the best summer ever.  For me, in addition to learning new technology, I imagined myself being present and supportive to leaders in front of my computer.   And now, I am thoroughly enjoying on-line learning. And Lillas has noted she experienced the best summer ever – in nature, with her family and grandkids.  

We have shared lots about living intentions in our blog posts, and some time ago, put together an e-book on actions to take to Live Your Intentions. Here are some resources:

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Do you crap out on your intentions?

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