A Turning Point in Self Care – YOGA

One turning point in my self care started about 20 years ago when I walked into a yoga class. Like lots of my friends and colleagues, I had dabbled in yoga and meditation in the 70s and even in the 80s. But this was different, it was one of the busiest most stimulating times in my life, fully committed to my senior leadership position at the University, to volunteer work, family, home & garden…. I was on FAST. And I got hooked on peaceful and slow. Under the gentle and competent teaching of Patricia Dewar, I started to notice – that in addition to building some strength and flexibility – this practice was connecting me to my breath, I was slowing down, standing straighter and feeling so much healthier.

This practice helped connect me to when I was stressed, to what I was feeling, to what was important to me. It did what they often say will happen “…yoga introduces you to the truth of who you are.” I went on to practice and study with wonderful teachers, to teaching for about ten years, and to integrating the teachings from yoga – about living well and living fully – into my life and my work. This turning point through yoga took me to India, to Paradise Island, Kootenay Bay, the Chopra Centre, Deer Park Monastery and …it was through yoga, that I met my spouse Steven.

picture of Marie Brown Berg Yoga Teacher-2
Marie Brown Berg

My passion for yoga was so intense that I ‘encouraged’ Lillas and her daughter Marie, to give it a try. It was when Lillas was on sabbatical at Santa Clara University, that her and Marie ventured into yoga, and like me, were captivated. So how wonderful now, that Marie will be leading a yoga class at our October Radically Refreshing Self Care Retreat. Marie’s teaching style is gentle, warm, and meditative. She is well credentialed, holding a BFA and MEd and qualifications with the International Yoga Alliance and the Sivananda and Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga traditions.  She is inspiring in her authenticity and joy. Her teaching will be a gift.

I love experiencing and hearing about turning points in people’s lives and earlier this week I was delighted to hear from Kara, one of our Radical Self Care Day Long Retreat participants, who emailed us with this comment:

… I wanted to share a piece of good news with you about my radical self-care: I found a personal trainer for kick boxing and I go a couple times a week when my schedule allows – and in the morning during business hours!  What?!?!

I haven’t had an activity just for me for a really long time.  It feels really good for lots of reasons: giving myself permission to work a couple less hours each week (and the sky hasn’t fallen), doesn’t cut into my family time, feeling physically strong to get back into a martial arts program (I did a lot of it when I was younger), etc.

Watch for Kara’s upcoming blog where you’ll hear more about her turning point … And know we would love to hear about more acts of self care and about turning points…YOURS!

Linda McCann – September 17, 2014