Ways to engage in year end reflections…

Around this time every year, I reflect on the past year, considering highlights, challenges and learnings, and attend to what is most important for the upcoming seasons.  There are so many ways to engage in this process…

I have drawn on a variety of processes and practices to support me in my reflections. I have brainstormed 50 wishes, worked with the practical and provocative approach of leadership expert, Robin Sharma, and experienced diving deep in aspirations at a Buddhist monastery.

Author, and Good Life Project podcaster extraordinaire, Jonathon Fields, emphasizes the importance of ‘Closing the Books’ as part of this process. In a recent podcast, he suggested finding a ritual that helps you let go of the year and create space for the new. This year, my partner Steve & I drew on a solstice fire ceremony from Sacred Science as a way to let go of the past.

I am also enjoying a calendar and journal to support me in going forward in the best possible ways.

The calendar: Personal growth pioneer and author Jen Louden helps “writers, journalers and other creatives own their voice, share their experiences and make a difference with the stories they tell.” She has created a free, flexible and downloadable calendar with beautiful images and provocative and thoughtful questions to help us live the life we want.

The journal: Elena Brower’s journal caught my eye because of its beauty and title: Practice You. So I gifted myself, and several others, including my granddaughter Meghan, with this journal. When Meghan and I connected via Face Time recently, our journals were at hand, and we agreed that we’d do some journaling together, along with some sharing.  I can’t wait.

Here’s more on the resources I have mentioned above:

Jonathon Fields is author of How to Live a Good Life, and host of the Good Life Project podcast. His recent riff was on Closing the Books.

Want a ritual that supports you in letting go to of limiting beliefs and patterns, check out this Sacred Science resource

Draw on Robin Sharma’s Simple Ways to Start 2018 Like a Genius, including creating a ‘stop doing’ list.

It is a gift to do these reflections in a mindful community. I have the softest of memories of a candlelit process years ago at Deer Park Monastery.

Check out Jen Louden’s flexible and free engagement calendar with soul.

Experience the sensual texture, images and questions in author and yoga teacher, Elena Brower’s journal:Practice You.

And check out Lillas’s recent post on What is Your One Word for 2018.

Yes, there are plentiful resources to support us in celebrating and learning from the past and being intentional about the future. We’d love to know about your favourites at info@womeninleadershipforlife.ca

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