“What WILL I Do?”

“The Power of Choice in each and every Moment in My Life” 

Reflecting, meditating and contemplating each morning on my intention of bringing more ease, love and joy into my life, love and leadership, sets me up positively to engage in my day.

However, in the busyness of daily living and working, it is easy to be taken over by conditioned and routine habits.  At these times I forget and allow the events, circumstances and intensity of my life lead me from often unconscious habit, as opposed to my highest, best and Ideal Self that often leads me through my life with conscious intention. 

My daily morning meditative practice helps me to become aware and catch myself in these habituated moments of reacting rather than responding to life.  It allows me to take a breath during the day, remember my daily morning practice and the thoughts, feelings, and intention of being the best that I can be in the moment, and then simply acting like it.  And it is in doing so that I feel the expansion and lifting up of my awareness to my Ideal Self, rather than moving away from it towards my reactive self.

It is in the “Gap” between reacting and responding to life, that we can reflect and then activate our power of choice.  The question in these moments is: “Will we choose to react as we always have done to this situation or circumstance in our life, or will we choose to reflect and then respond as the highest, best and noblest Ideal Self that is ever residing within us, to this situation?”

Mind the GapMy Beloved (husband) and I were recently in London, riding the subway, or Tube as they call it.  And every so often, an announcement would come over the station speakers that we should “Mind the Gap” between the train and the platform lest we slip our foot in the gap while embarking or disembarking from the train and as a consequence, injure ourselves. There were also visual reminders on the train doors, like this symbol.

Mind the Gap” was a lovely metaphor for reacting from my habitual self, or choosing to reflect, and respond to life as my Ideal Self in ease, love and joy.

So when Life becomes difficult: I choose to remember; I choose to wonder; I choose to stay open and curious; I choose to breathe into the situation; and I choose to lean into my intention; and in that way, I choose to bring more ease, love and joy into my life.

So that is how I exercise my power of choice.   And that is what I consciously choose and WILL to do in each and every moment, of each and every day of my life’s journey.

What are you WILLing to do with your life, your love, and your leadership ?

Lillas Marie Hatala – April 17, 2014