Many of you have asked us to offer a workshop on discovering and living your life purpose. We listened, and we are delighted to offer Discover, Live, Lead… Your Life Purpose One Day Workshops.

Perhaps you have thought you’d like to take time to discover your life purpose, or like us, you have come at this question from a variety of ways, at various periods in your life and it is time for a refresh.

Are wondering if you are living as fully and wholly as you could be? Have gifts to uncover and give to the world? Have the courage and confidence to really play a bigger game in life?

At this workshop, we will:

  • Connect to our unique life purpose.
  • Clarify our values, passions, and desires.
  • Identify internal barriers that might hold us back and limit how we contribute and show up in the world, inviting a breakthrough.
  • Tap into some of your true feminine qualities that haven’t quite been manifested, while recognizing that often these qualities are not valued by you or others.
  • Prepare ourselves to step up and step out in our personal leadership with authenticity, courage, and confidence.
  • Draw on creative and practical processes and techniques to help us move forward on living our life’s calling.
  • Enjoy the conversations and unprecedented support of women in this community.
  • Bonus: You will get engaged in this topic prior to the workshop by completing Pre-Work.

What women are saying about Discover, Live, Lead:
“Your Discover, Live, Lead: Your Life Purpose workshop was so impactful in my life. I am no longer waiting for someone to appoint me as a leader — I am just being one. I hear my own voice and see my own actions and they are different, confident, no longer tentative. It really was a turning point for me. I see myself as a leader and I can tell that others respect my role as a leader on my international project in Vietnam. Thanks Linda and Lillas.” Laverne Bissky, Calgary

Watch for next dates….and watch  for future programs on the topic of Authenticity, Resilience, & Emotional Intelligence!