Kirei Yasunori and the Evolved Health team

“Thank you so much for the Intention Setting Workshop. Our staff team felt very engaged and interested in the material. We all felt comfortable to stretch ourselves and be open and vulnerable in the safe environment that you provided. It was enriching to spend time as a team exploring our goals and intentions. We understand and can support one another better now. The trust level in our team has risen as has our cooperation and general level of care for one another.

We would like to continue in your training and development programs to up level our performance and our team’s connection. Your expertise and mastery of facilitating groups is second to none; you definitely have the trust of our team.”

Darla Tenold, Saskatoon

“I’m grateful for the energy and passion Linda and Lillas put into creating events and spaces for women to flourish. If you want the support of gifted facilitators and a like-minded community to live your best life, I highly recommend WILL!”  

Kelly McInnes, Saskatoon

“The Intention Setting Workshop in Saskatoon was the perfect blend of individual reflection, partner work, and group sharing. Each exercise helped me bring clarity to my intentions…. I am more conscious now than I have ever been about the power of aligning my choices and actions with my intentions and I came away from the workshop with some great practices to help me do this. I highly, highly recommend spending a half-day setting your intentions with Lillas and Linda!”

Gail Mattern, Saskatoon

“I woke up the morning following the Intention Setting Workshop with a new energy and repeated my “intention” many times through the day.

I can honestly say my life is better today than it was before I took the workshop. Thank you so much, Lillas and Linda.”  

Laverne Bissky, Calgary

The ‘Discover, Live, Lead: Your Life Purpose’ workshop was so impactful in my life. I am no longer waiting for someone to appoint me as a leader — I am just being one. I hear my own voice and see my own actions, and they are different, confident, no longer tentative. It really was a turning point for me. I see myself as a leader and I can tell that others respect my role as a leader on my international project in Vietnam. Thanks Linda and Lillas.”  

Cheryl Drewek, Calgary

On the Setting Intentions Workshop: “Wow! This day really allowed me to go deep when answering what I desire for 2016! I was actually caught off guard with some new awareness and a sense of clarity that I did not have before the session. Lillas and Linda utilize strengths of their own as well as the participants to gain traction within their beautiful community. As always, these days provide an amazing insights in leadership that I have not found anywhere else!”

Corla Mcgillivray, Saskatoon

“Thank you, as always, for a fabulous day reaching deep down inside to unearth the intentions for 2016. I had been putting it off and now I feel energized and worthy of all the good things that are coming my way! Hoooya! Met some incredible partners in life journey and I’m tingling with anticipation.”

Cynthia Munro

“Lillas and Linda are knowledgeable and whole-hearted facilitators of leadership development. They understand the unique post-secondary environment and support the growth of authentic leadership in this context. My personal experience with each of them is that they design and deliver impactful learning processes that challenge participants to live into their own potential. They support not only the intellectual and technical aspects of leadership, but also the emotional and physical self-care required to thrive as a leader. Their passion for enabling women in leadership, in particular, is inspiring and empowering.”