Bold & Visible Telling my Story

I have many life stories, however the one story I am telling at the upcoming Bold and Visible Monologues is about my recent challenging healing journey of the past 16 months. I feel very Bold and Visible stepping up and out as the leader of my LIFE and telling my story!

Bold and Visible Monologues Calgary Storytellers

I have been part of a 5-month program “It’s Time to Get Visible“, led by our brilliant  WILL Community Member,  Callie B Elwayns. The program is deeply transformative, drawing upon somatic (body) practices, voice work, and story crafting, all in an environment of unprecedented support.  

The process of sourcing my  7 minutes story “Living in the Mystery,  from the depth of my being, is deeply transformative and healing.  My story contains all the themes of my life:

  • Spiritual evolution
  • Lifelong learning
  • Love
  • Meaning and significance from life experiences
  • Wholeness and integration 

My story reminds me, of the Rumi quote: “ You are not a drop in the Ocean you are the entire ocean in the drop.”

Lillas’s story Living in the Mystery

I invite you to listen and watch my story along with 15 other women on July 13. One of many things I am struck by, is that everyone has a story that cracks their and your heart open.  The Personal is the Universal!   Check out the link and complementary registration for the story summit and for the complementary 2-hour storytelling workshop. Enjoy! 

To learn more about the storytellers and register for the event, click here: Bold and Visible Monologues

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