Intentional Self Care Choices

For August, I conducted my own self-care challenge. In the beginning, it was easy to complete at least one self-care priority a day, especially if I did it early in the day. If done in the evening, I found it took more commitment to complete the action. I tried a variety of activities including yoga, guided meditation, nature walks, MELT self-care hand and foot treatments, pleasure reading, Ayurveda self massage called abhyanga, and unplugging from technology on a few occasions. For the last two weeks, I have been on vacation in PEI, so my self-care activities have been different from what I did at home. These involved socializing with relatives, beach walks, enjoying PEI vistas, and even being lulled to sleep one night by the ocean waves.

We live in a fast paced world today and making self-care a priority is not always easy. The most insightful lesson I learned from my August challenge was how much self-care and intentional living are connected for me. I realized when I was more purposeful about my self-care choices, I not only felt more renewed, I also felt like I moved through my day with more ease and grace. You may find the more deliberate you are with your self-care choices, the more aligned your actions are in supporting your well-being. WILL invites you to explore your intentional self-care choices as part of our September Self-Care Challenge. Be sure to visit our WILL Facebook page daily for self-care tips and resources.

Be well, Tracy