The Gift of Your Feminine Presence

One of our great joys at Women in Leadership for Life (WILL) is inviting women from our WILL Community to join our team as guest facilitators. For our upcoming Discover, Live, Lead…. Your Life Purpose day long retreat in Calgary, Kirei Yasunori will be our guide for a session on the topic of Embodied Feminine Presence: be seen, be heard and get the attention you want.

Kirei YasunoriIn this blog, we are delighted to celebrate the brilliance of our dear friend and colleague, Kirei.

Kirei, with several black belts in the martial arts and yoga teacher certification, loves to help people stay strong, fit and healthy with her powerful personal strength training workout that gets sustainable results in only 15 minutes once per week! Check out her business Evolved Health

Kirei is an advocate for women’s leadership in business, family and community and is active as a Feminine Power Coach and a teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence. Kirei believes that “… when a woman embodies her feminine essence, her whole life is transformed. For she becomes attractive, grounded and sensual. When she walks into a room, everyone appreciates the glow of her feminine radiance.” The Art of Feminine Presence

Kirei ‘s experiential session at our Discover, Live, Lead … your Life Purpose  workshop will focus on Embodied Feminine Presence.


We will learn simple effective practices that instantly contribute to being more magnetic and perceived as having higher value.  Being embodied and present can help us step up and out confidently in our leadership, get the promotion or the desirable projects at work, have healthier relationships, and attract a conscious soul mate into our life.

Women possess key leadership skills that are dearly needed to bring a balanced approach to work, community and family.  It is essential that we learn to strengthen our abilities to be seen and heard so these unique skills are activated and we are better able to make the contributions we want to our families, organizations and communities. Kirei’s session will give us a few key practices to help us fully embody our natural feminine presence.

We hope you will join us our upcoming Discover, Live, Lead…Your Life Purpose, with Kirei as guest facilitator, in Calgary, October 16, so that you can give the gift of your feminine presence to yourself and others in your life, love and leadership.

We are also offering Discover, Live, Lead …Your Life Purpose in Saskatoon, October 23. Information and Registration for Calgary and Saskatoon here.