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Dr. Angelina Baydala

One of our great joys of Women in Leadership for Life, is inviting women to join our team as guest facilitators. We desire to inspire women to be at their best and to co-create a generative and supportive community.

In this blog we are delighted to celebrate and show case Dr. Angelina Baydala. Angelina will be presenting on the topic of Rejuvenating Sleep: exploring the history, psychology and philosophy of sleeping well at our upcoming teleseminar Sept 10, at 7 pm and also as a guest facilitator at our upcoming WILL Radically Refreshing Self Care Retreat, Oct 16,17 & 18.

Dr. Angelina Baydala is an Adjunct Professor and Registered Clinical Psychologist in independent practice in Edmonton, Alberta. She has supervised graduate students in clinical psychology at the University of Regina. She is a researcher, author, teacher, mother and yogini! Find out more about Angela at

Does a deeply rejuvenating sleep interest you? We chuckle at this question, as we (Linda and Lillas) begin most of our morning telephone meetings with a report on the quality of our sleep! And this has been a topic of our personal interest for at least the past 20 years! We know first hand how a quality sleep contributes to our wellbeing, creativity, confidence, focus, and relationships. On a recent business trip to Edmonton we met with our friend, Dr Angelina Baydala and we were both intrigued with what she had to say about the history of women and sleep and her very practical suggestions for a deeply rejuvenating sleep.

We hope you will join us with Dr Angelina Baydala as she leads us in exploring the topic of Rejuvenating Sleep at the upcoming two WILL events:

Rejuvenating Sleep >> Free Teleseminar – Wednesday, September 10 , 7:00 pm SK /MTN

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WILL Radically Refreshing Self Care Retreat. >> Oct 16( eve), 17& 18

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Lillas Hatala – Sept. 4, 2014