Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. 

Integrity is taking it. M.H. McGee

Integrity is one of my most deeply held values and I frequently live with questions regarding how I am doing when it comes to integrity around my intentions.  I  ask blog picmyself, for this week, or this day, am I living and honoring my intentions.  When I consider my intentions for Radical Self Care in 2014, such as caring relationships, creating beauty, deeply nourishing my body, I ask myself, how am I doing?

When I give myself a ‘score’, I often find that I am hovering around 7 out of 10.  So there is an integrity gap between what I intend and how I want to live and how I am living.  I know, when I see this gap, it is important to have compassion for myself for wherever I am and for the efforts I am putting in.  And it is important to consider what I can do to narrow that gap.

Some questions I live with are:

How am I doing at living my intentions today?  What specifically am I doing or not doing?

What is one thing I could do today, to honor these intentions?

How is the ‘world’ supporting or presenting obstacles to these intentions?

Is this intention still life-giving and important to me?

Every moment provides an opportunity to recommit to and hold integrity for my intentions.

Linda McCann – March 3, 2014

About the photo:

Jökulsárlón Iceland, Linda McCann