What Wants to Emerge?

July blog WILL

This “Hands Strong Beautiful Women” picture captures a very symbolic and co-creative closing at our recent Radical Self Care one-day retreat in Saskatoon. At the end of the day, Lillas and Linda asked the question ” What is the heart wanting to say?”

One participant said she would love to hear a poem.

A second person volunteered to read the Danna Faulds poem” Let it Go” which was stored on her phone. It was the perfect message and I encourage you to check this poem out!

A third member suggested we lie on the floor with outstretched arms and touch hands as is captured by this photo. This co-creative completion of our time together was more beautiful and meaningful that anything the mind could have come up with. 

There are many things to reflect upon with this wonderful co- creative closing experience such as:

  • * The importance of conscious closings to integrate the learning and honour our time together
  • * The power of leaning into and living questions, and collecting empowering and life giving questions such as “What wants to emerge?”
  • * The uniqueness of women’s ways of leading, which include being   cocreative, organic or emergent, and cooperative.

 Summer is a good time to go into the inquiry of “What wants to emerge?” We would love to hear what comes up for you when you live into this question.

 Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold: the holding of plans or dreams or expectations – let it all go. Save your strength to swim with the tide…” Danna Faulds  Let it Go 

Lillas Hatala, July 15, 2014

About the photo: Taken by Marie Brown Berg